Mission Statement

RISEHI Foundation's mission is to increase economic sustainability and cultural preservation in Hawaii by raising optimism, providing resources and creating a platform for sharing perspectives of kama`aina (those from Hawaii) creators and doers. 

Vision Statement

RISEHI aims to be an organization that aids in the development of Hawaii’s kama`aina, allowing them to live and thrive economically in Hawaii and become leaders of the next generation.

Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you.
— Frank Tyger

Too often we hear that living in Hawaii is "too expensive," that "there are not enough jobs," and that the only option is to "move to the mainland."       

The truth is that Hawaii has an abundance of opportunities, waiting for someone, anyone, to take advantage of them. We need to teach our keiki that opportunity only discriminates against those who are not open to accepting it, those who prefer to play it safe, those not willing to be vulnerable, those paralyzed by the fear of failure and criticism.

A change in culture, attitude, and overall mindset is required for those growing up in Hawaii to realize that they are capable of extraordinary achievements. They are not limited to just being cogs in a wheel, subject to the demands of outsiders who take advantage of the untapped opportunities abundant here in Hawaii.

Not only is a change in perspective important, it's valuable for the people who grew up in Hawaii to shape it's future. They are the ones who can perpetuate our unique culture which is so valuable to all of Hawaii's people.

RISEHI believes that our culture is our competitive advantage.  If those who have power and influence understand the value of our culture, it'll help create a healthier economic and social environment for generations to come.  

RISEHI aims to foster dynamic and sensible influencers in Hawaii by raising optimism, providing resources and creating a platform to empower our keiki with the ability to become creators, doers, and leaders.  


To execute on its purpose, RISEHI aims to: 


Optimism provides hope.  Hope drives ambition.  Ambition leads to results. 

Unfortunately, the common theme that there is a lack of opportunity in Hawaii still permeates throughout our islands.  Whether it’s media driven or friendly chatter, this pessimism indirectly perpetuates an environment of ambivalence and reluctance, elements counterproductive to seizing the opportunity that does exist. 

Through live speaking engagements, video interviews and publications on its’ media platform, RISEHI showcases kama`aina creators & doers and allows them to share their story and knowledge.  Doing so will inspire local keiki to be more open-minded and take more initiative in charting their destiny and creating a new economic future for Hawaii. 


Our long-term goal is to establish mentorship programs in which we will source kama`aina creators & doers and pair them with keiki who show the ability and desire to exceed expectations in creative fields such as, photography, videography, entrepreneurship, design, journalism and web development.

There is only so much our school system can do as it is built to support the masses. Through RISEHI, we can locate and help keiki who need that next level of training and mentorship to increase their chances of future success. We will encourage all those mentored through the program, once they find success, to pay it forward and mentor other keiki in the future.